Snake Chair


This snake chair features a dark green snake set against an alternating gold and rust colored background and is finished off with a diamond pattern on the seat. The chair is much wider than most vintage frames and features two green plastic arm rests that have cup holders in them. It is in vintage condition with some cosmetic flaws from use. It folds up and is lightweight so would be easy to tote to the park or lake.

Caring for your chair
I use polypropylene cord which is waterproof and really good at resisting stains but if you get something on it you can spot clean it with a little soap and water. Chairs should not be left out in the rain and prolonged sun exposure can fade the colors overtime so please please please store the chairs accordingly when not using them! The sun is all powerful and will fade anything over time. Also note this cord will melt in high heat so please be careful and do not place it too close to a fire or space heater!